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Should Mercedes Maintenance Be Done by a Professional?

By | Repair and Maintenance

Most of us have fallen into the trap of trying to repair our vehicle ourselves instead of dishing out money to a Denver Mercedes mechanic. And what does it usually lead to? A big stressful mess that drains your bank account. While new Mercedes are high-end luxury vehicles with a multitude of connected vehicle services, they still need maintenance like every other car. However, because they’re so expensive, causing damage by performing these tasks yourself can lead to costly repairs.

It can be hard to identify which repairs require a mechanic and which fixes you can handle yourself. When in doubt, it’s best to pay the extra bucks to send your car in for Mercedes repair in Denver. To help aid your best judgment, we’ve compiled some pros and cons for common car repairs.

Flushing Your Radiator

A radiator flush is fairly simple. The biggest problem is knowing how to dispose of the toxic waste. Your community may have a local recycling station that can take the material. In the absence of a recycling station, an auto repair shop or dealership may be able to get rid of it for you.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, flushing your radiator yourself could create a big mess which is harmful to the environment. You can save yourself the trouble by bringing your vehicle to a Denver Mercedes Mechanic. It’s a common and easy task for them and will only cost you between $50 and $75 to get it done. Combine it with an oil change, and you may be able to get a better deal.

Changing Your Oil

While changing your own oil can be easy and inexpensive, it is also tedious and messy. To avoid the frustration and mess, it’s easier to take your Mercedes to a mechanic. The repair will be inexpensive, especially if you provide your own filter and oil. All you’ll have to pay for is the mechanic’s time, which shouldn’t be more than 20 minutes if all goes well.

Changing Your Transmission Fluid

If your car is struggling to catch the next gear, that indicates that your transmission fluid is low, clogged, or dirty. Because your transmission system controls the movement of your car, it’s imperative to keep it working properly.

You might assume that changing any fluid is as easy as changing your oil, but that’s not necessarily true. Changing your transmission fluid takes expertise, precision, and skill. Unless you have a friend with Mercedes experience, it’s better to take your car to a professional. The bill will come to around $100, but you may be saving yourself the cost of potential damage caused by doing the job yourself.

As you’ve probably noticed, the rewards of DIY maintenance rarely outweigh the risks. Any time you’re on the fence about fixing it yourself or getting professional Mercedes repair in Denver, it’s always best to go with the pros at Specialized Preferred Auto. Call us today to make an appointment.