Your Clutch Repair Specialists

The clutch is the part of the vehicle that’s responsible for engaging and disengaging the transmission. It transmits the engine torque to the drivetrain allowing the vehicle to accelerate smoothly and quietly at a controlled speed.

Signs Your Clutch Needs Specialized Service:

Over time, a car’s clutch wears out. Driving and usage related circumstances can also damage your clutch. If you think you are having problems with your clutch, bring your vehicle to our shop for a diagnostic test. The signs of a faulty clutch are the following:

  • difficulty in shifting gears
  • stretched cable controls
  • leak in the clutch hydraulics resulting in fluid loss
  • air bubbles in the hydraulic line
  • soft clutch pedal with higher-than-standard release
  • burning smell upon acceleration
  • grinding sound when shifting gears
  • engine speeds up but vehicle lacks power

Is your vehicle’s clutch acting up? Does your BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen, or Porsche require clutch inspection? Specialized Preferred Auto, your trusted team of mechanics specializing in German automobiles and Subaru car models, does all that for you with quality results. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your vehicle’s clutch to determine any issues and provide the right solutions for the right price.

Specialized Preferred Auto Clutch Repair and Replacement Services

When the clutch cylinders leak and do not operate properly, the clutch mechanism fails to disengage. This type of clutch repair is easily addressed and is typically inexpensive. On the other hand, more complex issues may warrant clutch replacement service that involves removal of the pressure plate, clutch plate, and bearings. This process is generally time-consuming. 

At Specialized Preferred Auto, we will give you the details you need following our assessment of the situation and make our recommendations. You can be sure that our clutch services are top quality at a reasonable price. We serve clients in the metro-Denver area and back our services with comprehensive warranties.