Your Differential Repair Specialists

The differential in your front and/or rear axle of your vehicle enables the wheels in a pair to rotate at different speeds. When the vehicle needs to power the wheels from the engine, one wheel turns faster than the other but both of them receive engine power. This is particularly important for driving around a curve. The differential is a crucial component in all makes and models of cars, trucks, and four-wheel drives such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Subaru.

In cases of differential failure, it is best to contact your trusted team of differential specialists. Whether you are in Denver, Cherry Creek, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, or Englewood, leave your vehicle in the hands of highly trained mechanics at Specialized Preferred Auto.

Signs Your Differential Needs Professional Service:

It always pays to understand how your car’s components work to detect any sign of damage. Here are some signs that your vehicle’s differential is not working properly:

  • Whirling sound from the back of the car
  • Gray fluid leaks from the back of the vehicle

It is important to investigate differential noise, as it is usually mistaken for tire noise and ignored. This can lead to very expensive repairs down the road.

Specialized Preferred Auto Differential Repair and Other Services

Does your vehicle need differential repair service?  Check out Specialized Preferred Auto to know more about our outstanding differential services. Our differential services come with a comprehensive warranty that backs up the quality of our work.

At Specialized Preferred Auto, our professionally trained and certified team conducts a differential assessment and diagnosis to determine issues. We evaluate the levels of the rear differential fluid and change them as needed. Typically, differential fluid needs to be changed due to daily driving deterioration . We are highly trained mechanics that can perform differential fluid replacement. When performing a differential rebuild or replacement, your vehicle’s differential components are inspected thoroughly and replaced with top quality parts. We maintain an inventory of differential parts in for German cars and all Subaru models.