Your Axle Repair Specialist

Axles are a critical component of the wheel system. When transmitting torque and power of the engine to the wheels, the axle absorbs the vehicle’s weight including its passengers and cargo. It also sustains the driving and braking forces.

What seems like minor damage can cause your axle to eventually fail. Initially you may be able to drive your vehicle just fine. However, action needs to be taken to resolve the issue before it causes greater damage. With a broken axle, your car will not properly work and, in the worst case, cause accidents or leave you stranded.

Signs Your Car Axle Needs Service:

Being exposed to tremendous amount of pressure, the axle is a robust vehicle component. However, they are not insusceptible to wear and tear or premature wear due to damage. Here are some reasons to have your axle checked:

  • clunking sound when vehicle is put into gear
  • vibrations when turning, braking, or driving
  • vehicle starts but does not move
  • grease on the tire’s edges

When your axle breaks or wears down – never take chances. You need to address this issue right away by going to a reputable mechanic. It is strongly suggested that you visit your trusted team of axle repair Denver specialists at the first sign of a problem to save you the time and money that complex axle service require.

Specialized Preferred Auto Axle Repair and Replacement Services:

The procedures involved in repairing or replacing the axle of your BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen, Porsche, or Subaru car all depend on the type of problem. Our certified mechanics will assess the situation to pinpoint the extent of the axle damage. Generally speaking, axle repair is an in-depth job but more so when several other connecting or related components are also at fault and the axle requires replacement.

In the case of axle replacement, the damaged axle will be removed, along with other faulty components, and changed with a new one. After all tires and fasteners have been torque based on the specifications of the manufacturer, our technicians will perform a road test.

At Specialized Preferred Auto, we let you in on the steps we take as we perform our Denver, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, and Englewood axle repair or replacement. We assess the situation thoroughly and recommend the steps to be taken so you get no less than top-rated, reasonably priced services that come with a comprehensive warranty.