Your Cooling System Repair Specialists

Most vehicle cooling systems consist of the radiator fan, water pump, thermostat, pressure cap, bypass system, and heating core. Each of these components needs to function optimally to prevent damage and overheating. During combustion, the fuel energy is partly converted into heat which the coolant transfers and the water pump circulates through the engine. The entire cooling system’s purpose is cooling the engine down and keeping it in its ideal temperature range.

Signs Your Cooling System Needs Service:

Does your BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen, Porsche, or Subaru seem to be having cooling system issues? Here are signs to look out for:

  • Overheating
  • Fluid leaks
  • Smell of antifreeze
  • Frequent need for coolant

Every car owner should know that neglecting the cooling system can lead to serious car damage. It can even cause the engine to fail completely.

Specialized Preferred Auto Cooling System Repairs and Services:

Is your vehicle’s cooling system not operating efficiently? Get help from a team of certified and experienced technicians in Denver, Colorado that can do the job right. We perform an inspection of your cooling system, test your radiator cap pressure and thermostat, conduct a pressure test to determine leaks, and test the engine cooling fan to see if it properly operates.

We also perform maintenance on your cooling system, which involves replacing the antifreeze circulating through the engine. Doing this avoids corrosive buildups. We also offer the coolant system power flush service to remove contaminants from the radiator, the heater core, and the engine.

At Specialized Preferred Auto – we cannot stress enough the importance of proper and regular cooling system maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely. When overheating due to poor cooling system maintenance occurs, your engine gets damaged from overheating and could require an expensive fix.

For exceptional cooling system repairs and repair parts, trust our team of highly trained cooling system experts and mechanics at Specialized Preferred Auto. We serve Denver, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, or Englewood. We offer comprehensive warranties for our cooling system service.

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