Your Engine Rebuild Specialists

When it comes to an engine rebuild – there is no room for mediocre work. Engine repair for a German car and Subaru vehicles involves replacing and repairing numerous moving and technical components within the engine itself. Each one needs to be taken apart and evaluated from rods, bearings, pistons, piston rings, and everything in between. After evaluation, components will be repaired or swapped for a new part then installed in the engine. The last step is precision tuning to factory standards that should only be completed by a professional German car mechanic.

Apart from wear and tear, engine problems occur because of excessive mileage without the vehicle being properly serviced. As you want your vehicle to demonstrate superior performance at all times – your engine rebuild service should ensure nothing less.

Signs It’s Time for an Engine Rebuild:

Engine trouble can ruin your day. When these signs become evident, make sure you check with your trusted team of engine professionals in Denver, Colorado and seek their expert engine rebuild advice and recommendations:

Excessive white smoke comes out of the exhaust
Engine sputters and does not idle smoothly
Ticking sound within the motor
Loss of power
Frequent overheating

Before these issues render your vehicle fully non-functional and unusable – take action. Go to your trusted experts to resolve your engine issue.

Specialized Preferred Auto Engine Rebuild Service:

Specialized Preferred Auto has a team of certified and experienced mechanics at with the knowledge and skills to rebuild your car engine. We are fully equipped for this service and can help you navigate your engine rebuild options.

In particular, we offer thorough inspection of your engine and pay close attention to detail on every engine component. We conduct the necessary diagnostic tests – assessing the engine’s torque, power, calibration and performance.

Our engine professionals also check for leaks, perform fixes, make tweaks, and fine tune every detail to transform your engine into a more powerful and efficient one. We take no shortcuts to ensure that our Denver engine rebuild service is one that you can truly rely on to make a difference in your driving experience.

Specialized Preferred Auto is your BMW, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, and Subaru engine rebuild specialist. We specialize in these German cars as well as in all Subaru models. We offer comprehensive warranty terms for our engine rebuild service.