Your Engine Swap Specialists

An engine swap is conducted by removing the original engine of a car and replacing it with a different motor. The purpose of swapping engines is to install a new one that is new and more modern to avoid engine failure or upgrade the engine system for more horsepower and performance.

Is your vehicle’s motor blown or worn out? Are you upgrading your engine so it functions better and more efficiently? Specialized Preferred Auto can help. We are a team of certified experts who have years of experience in Denver, Colorado engine swaps.

Signs Your Engine Needs Replacement:

Engine swaps entail a complicated and more costly procedure than a car engine repair but there are times when they are absolutely necessary to get your car back in good shape. Here are a few reasons why you need an engine swap or replacement for your BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen, Porsche, or Subaru.

Check Engine illuminates
Engine loses power
Gas mileage drops
The engine stalls and has pungent odor
Black white, or blue smoke from engine
Engine is unusually loud
Engine shakes “violently”                                                                                          Decreased fuel efficiency                                                                                                  Engine is seized

These signs show that an engine replacement might be in order to get your vehicle back in its perfect state. Remember to trust only a reliable provider of engine replacement service in Colorado.

Specialized Preferred Auto Engine Swaps:

At Specialized Preferred Auto – we have years of combined knowledge and experience in dealing with engine swaps. The service starts with a diagnostic test to assess the condition of your car’s engine. Thereafter, we talk to you about the findings and our recommendations and options for fixing and in many cases, a full engine replacement.

An engine swap is a specialized service we offer to a range of German cars including BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen, and Porsche. We also provide Subaru engine swap Colorado service. We serve clients in Denver, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, and Englewood. All our services come with comprehensive warranties.