Your Suspension Specialists

When it comes to smooth and safe driving, your car’s suspension system is one of the critical components that is responsible for the vehicle’s control and handling. The springs and dampers or shock absorbers – the primary components of the suspensions system – are fairly robust and can support a large amount of weight while optimizing the friction between the road surface and the tires and ensuring comfort for passengers.

However, these parts are susceptible to wear and tear. Small issues need to be addressed immediately to prevent them from causing more damage and affecting the overall performance of your vehicle.

Signs Your Suspension Needs Specialized Service:

Are there ways to determine that your suspension system is having issues? Here are signs it’s time to take the hint:

Steering slips
Vehicle rides roughly
Pulling, drifting, or rolling over to the side when the car turns
Nose diving or dipping when the vehicle stops
Tires shake or wander
Uneven tire treads
Car bounces excessively

Suspect car suspension trouble? Don’t take chances. Suspension breakdowns need urgent attention. Identify the symptoms and schedule for suspension repair immediately or you may risk incurring massive repair expenses for complex fixes. Get the problem checked by a team of German car suspension experts in Denver, Colorado whose quality work results speak of their expertise and experience.

Specialized Preferred Auto Suspension Repairs and Services:

If you are in need of German car or Subaru suspension repair and replacement, Specialized Preferred Auto is the team of suspension specialists you need to call. We provide top-rated suspension repair and replacement services to an array of German vehicles including BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen, and Porsche. We also repair and replace suspension systems of all Subaru vehicle models.

Serving Denver, Cherry Creek, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, and Englewood -Specialized Preferred Auto will thoroughly inspect all springs, shocks, and struts for signs of damage or wear. Any worn, missing, or damaged suspension parts will be replaced. Typically, we also suggest wheel alignment with suspension service. More repairs may be done as necessary to get you back safely on the road in no time—and for a reasonable price.

Our suspension service warranty assures you that we know what we are doing and are aimed at customer satisfaction.