Auto Repair: 5 Signs Your Car Needs A Tune-Up

Check ingine icon on modern car dashboard close-up

Cars are like people. When the symptoms of an illness begin to show, we immediately turn to a specialist to diagnose the problem and find a solution. We don’t take chances when it comes to our own health.

Similarly, we want our vehicles to be in tip-top condition. A car tune-up is the equivalent of a medical check-up with lab tests for people. It is a diagnostic check performed by a mechanic to extend the life of your vehicle. The common parts replaced during a tune-up are ignition, filters, belts and hoses, and lastly, fluids.

When in Colorado, you need an expert Denver based auto repair team to fix the complex issues and conduct a tune-up. To know when you should have your car tuned up, be on the lookout for the most common signs of trouble brewing:

Engine Light

This is the most obvious sign that you need to book an appointment with your trusted Denver area auto repair shop.  Diagnostic lights that pop up on your dashboard are the first indicators that something is wrong.

Many factors can trigger the check engine light to come on, and your highly trained mechanic will diag which one it is.  Ignoring diagnostic lights could lead to severe problems.

Hard Start or Stalling

Misfiring is commonly caused by old or defective spark plugs igniting at the wrong time.  Sometimes, a weak battery is the culprit, which also causes slow acceleration and low fuel economy. If it takes several key turns to start your engine, then that’s a sure sign that your car needs a tune-up.

Acceleration Drop

Dirty and clogged air filters are usually the leading cause of slow acceleration and poor performance overall. The filter collects massive clumps of dirt and dust over time.  If it’s been a year or two since you had an air filter change and you notice that the car is running sluggishly, it’s time for you to go to an auto repair specialist in Denver.

Shifting Problems

Transmission problems can be avoided with a simple check of the transmission fluid. The transmission fluid helps the car avoid slipping in between gears.

If you’re experiencing gear shifting problems like shudders, it’s time for a tune-up.

Bad Gas Mileage

Low-quality gas or contaminants that enter the gas tank can leave engine deposits, which results in many problems affecting your vehicle’s performance. Find a reliable Denver based auto repair team that can perform fuel system cleaning or use fuel additives as preventive maintenance. Other factors could be underinflated tires, dragging brakes misaligned wheels—all of which they should be able to correctly determine and resolve.

While you know the signs of potential car troubles, DIY repairs and maintenance can lead to frustration and wasted time and energy. Go to a dependable team of mechanics that will get the job done right!

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