Factors that Place German Cars on Top of the World Auto Industry

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Arguably, German cars are some of the best in the world. In fact, they are considered premium luxury cars by the automotive industry, and a majority of car manufacturers in other countries use German cars as their benchmark for quality.

All car manufacturers boast of the beauty, elegance and quality of their products, but there is just something that makes German brands better.

Common Elements that Make German Cars Superior


This is a common attribute of German car brands. They have always been regarded as having the most comfortable ride and interiors. The efficient independent climate control and noise reduction are just two of the best attributes of German-made cars. BMW and Mercedes Benz are two German car makers that are known for producing models that provide great comfort.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency in cars can be determined in two ways:

  • the car’s ability to save fuel when it is running, and
  • the car’s ability to generate power for every drop of fuel it uses

German car makers have earned the respect of other car manufacturers for their cars’ superior power-to-fuel ratio. While this attribute is common in German-made automobiles, Volkswagen and Audi are the best in this department.

Design and Performance

As mentioned, German cars have become a yardstick in the car manufacturing industry not just for their quality but because of their superb performance. This includes style and design, ability to adapt to different terrains, and their cars’ miles per gallon ratio.

Wherever you may be in the world, you’ll always see German cars on the streets. It only goes to show that German cars brands are accepted around the world for their superb quality, performance and styling.

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