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4 Poor Habits That Damage Your Vehicle

By | Repair and Maintenance

A vehicle is a significant financial investment that calls for responsible ownership. All owners want their car to last for years, but to protect your investment, proper maintenance habits are a must.

How well your car performs hinges on several different factors, but basic rule dictates that the care and attention you give it plays a crucial role.  Many vehicle owners may ignore the red flags or refuse to take action. But when unattended for too long, small car issues lead to bigger problems that require a lot of time and a large sum of money for repairs and maintenance. Not only that, ignoring some of the problems and refusing to fix them sooner than later can result in being fined for violations—extra costs that could be easily avoided.

Here are four things that can lead to a poorly performing vehicle:

Ignoring the first signs of trouble.

Is your car making weird sounds? Is it acting sluggish? Is there smell of exhaust or fuel inside the vehicle? Are the engine lights illuminated? There are a few warning signs that you should never Ignore. Neglecting them can lead to more complicated and costly repairs. And while it pays to check your vehicle on your own, nothing beats consulting with a certified team of mechanics from your trusted Denver auto repair shop.

Failing to regularly check filters, fluid levels, and tires.

Fluids and filters are critical in ensuring the optimal performance of your vehicle. Not only that, these fluids keep the components lubricated and protected. Needless to say, your tires are another integral part of the car that require constant monitoring for tread depth, wear and tear, and pressure.

Neglecting cleanliness.

It sounds like a no-brainer to keep your vehicle clean at all times, but it’s more than about just keeping it looking new on the outside and organized on the inside. Washing your car regularly prevents dirt and chemicals that can cause rust from building up. The less moisture, gunk and contaminants your car accumulates, the longer it will serve its purpose. Washing your car is a low-cost practice that helps maintain the value of the vehicle.

Bad driving habits.

When you drive aggressively with quick stops or starts or speed like you’re racing against time, you are putting undue strain on your vehicle. When you ignore potholes and don’t make a conscious effort to slow down, your car becomes more susceptible to damage. Overloading your car can also put unnecessary weight on your car’s drivetrain, suspension, and brakes.

While your vehicle is a powerful machine, it can only take a certain amount of neglect to lead to costly issues. Make it a point to give your car the care and routine maintenance it needs. Whatever your car’s make or model, never put off repairs for tomorrow and always follow the service schedule.

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How to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Audi

By | Repair and Maintenance

Aside from being one of the most expensive and prestigious luxury vehicles in the market, the Audi is also one of the most expensive vehicles to repair. According to Forbes, the Audi A8 was at the top of the list with a five-year estimated repair cost of $1,640 in 2008.

Audi owners need to know how to protect their investment and keep their Audi in top condition to last longer despite the wear and tear of everyday driving. If you’re a proud Audi owner, here are some tips to prolong your vehicle’s lifespan and maintain its quality performance:

Smart and Responsible Driving

Your Audi is a high-performing, sleek and well-designed vehicle built to give you an incomparable driving experience. Treat the engine well in order to maximize fuel efficiency, warm up your engine before taking off in the morning, don’t make sudden stops, and take it easy on the accelerator.

Best Quality Fuel

Your Audi is an expensive machine and should be treated with lots of love and care. Always use the highest grade fuel available to keep the engine in the best condition. Ask your Audi specialist mechanic what the optimal type of fuel is for your vehicle model.

Regular Inspection

You don’t have to be a car expert or mechanic-in-the-making to notice that your Audi might need to be taken in for maintenance or repair. Before getting in the vehicle, make a thorough inspection from front to back, over and under to check for anything out of place. Check the tires for leaks or a flat, check the tire pressure, look under the hood to check for leaks or see if the hoses are in place. Make sure all the lights are functioning. If you’re unsure of what signs to look out for, ask your Audi specialist mechanic.

Regular Maintenance and Check-Up

As newer models become even more sophisticated and complex, with sensors and state-of-the-art technology, replacement and repair is more complicated and takes more time. By having your Audi checked regularly, issues and problems can be detected earlier and could save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs.


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