Cross-section of a car gearbox and clutch.

When to Have Your BMW Transmission Serviced or Replaced

By | Repair and Maintenance

BMW is one of the best luxury and performance-based car brands on the market. Dubbed as the Ultimate Driving Machine, BMW has a well-earned reputation for excellent precision, design, dependability, durability and superb German engineering. Even older BMW models are noted for being timeless classics and collector items.

An article on motoring website AutoInfluence mentions three reasons to own a BMW including Performance, Interior Quality and Technological Innovations. Of course, the BMW is also one of the most expensive vehicles on the market with a very state-of-the-art transmission. It one of the most intricate parts of the vehicle and is very critical when it comes to working with other parts of the car especially during high-speed acceleration. Therefore, your transmission needs routine maintenance work by expert car mechanics in order to avoid damages and costly repairs in the future.

When it comes to transmission-specific auto repair in Denver, finding a reliable and knowledgeable BMW mechanic is not easy. Luckily, Specialized Preferred Auto’s team of certified trained mechanics have a wide range of experience when it comes to transmission services for BMW. As one of the most technical and important parts of your car, many factors can cause damage to your transmission.

Here are some signs that your transmission requires service or even replacement:

1. Fluid leaks

If the transmission fluid starts leaking, then it’s time to have it checked. Also normal fluid is red, if the color starts to look brown then it’s time to change the fluid.

2. Strange sounds under the hood

If you hear unusual noises under the hood like humming, buzzing or clunking sounds then get your transmission checked right away.

3. Burning smell

If you start smelling burnt rubber and it’s coming from the transmission and not the tires, then you need to find the best auto repair in Denver for servicing.

4. Warning light illuminates

Do not ignore the Transmission warning light because there is surely a problem

5. Difficulty shifting to higher gear

If you hear a grinding or clicking noise when shifting the transmission or experience rough handling then it’s time to see a mechanic

The good news is you don’t have to bring in your BMW to have the transmission system serviced or checked as often as other routine items such as an oil change. However, as soon as you experience or notice any of these signs or other unusual activity, get it checked and repaired immediately. The total replacement of your BMW’s transmission can rack up thousands of dollars in expenses. Bring in your car to an auto repair shop in Denver that specializes in BMW models.

The technicians at Specialized Preferred Auto can perform transmission repair and maintenance by conducting a computer diagnostic check and mechanical assessment to find out if there is an issue in either the electrical sensors or mechanical system. Our team can also change and flush the transmission fluid to push out the dirt and particles accumulated in the transmission over time.

Give your BMW the maintenance and service it deserves. Contact us today for the best service!