Practical Maintenance Tips for Your German Luxury Automobile

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There’s a lot more to owning a German luxury vehicle than enjoying a comfortable ride and turning a lot of heads. It entails a sense of responsibility and commitment. Your car’s value alone dictates that it requires special treatment.

If you own an Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, or Volkswagen, you certainly want to have your car maintained only by expert technicians who specialize in that particular brand. But as the owner, you also want to know how to keep your luxury vehicle in running condition for years. Here are 9 practical maintenance tips on how to maintain your German luxury car in order to optimize its performance and preserve its value:

Use the right type of engine oil.

Towards the end of the 19th century, most manufacturers of German luxury vehicles began using full synthetic engine oil on their vehicles. But you just can’t pick any type of synthetic oil for your car, as each brand or type of engine requires a specific oil viscosity for maximum performance and protection. With that said, you must only use the type of oil recommended by your car’s manufacturer.

Use quality filters.

Air, oil and fuel filters are built for different purposes but they have a common bottom line: To ensure that your engine’s air, oil and fuel intake are clean. When you change filters, use quality fleece or carbon filters to make sure that all air, oil and fuel getting into the engine are free from dirt and dust particles. Forget about the couple of dollars you could possibly save from buying low-quality filters. Their poor performance can actually cost you more in terms of repairs. Take it from an Englewood Co auto repair expert.

Use synthetic based fluids.

Be sure to use the appropriate type of fluids for your Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, or Volkswagen. Manufacturers of modern German luxury vehicles recommend synthetic based fluids for power steering and other purposes. You may also refer to your user’s manual to be sure of the fluid specifications. Remember, mineral based fluids are a thing of the past. Don’t use them in your car unless it is recommended by your car’s manufacturer.

Check oil and fluid levels regularly.

While a majority of cars have dipsticks in their crankcase and transmission fluid reservoir, most of today’s luxury vehicles are no longer equipped with these important gauges because of their electronic monitoring capability. Regardless of whether your car has dip sticks or not, you must check your oil and fluid levels on a regular basis to ensure that these are above the minimum. When your oil or fluid levels go low, you should top it off without exceeding the maximum level.

Change your brake fluid every two years.

Although contained in a clean and sealed container, brake fluid can accumulate dirt from seals and o-rings, and can also attract moisture. Make sure that your brake fluid is free from these contaminants by having it replaced once every two years. Use the right DOT rated fluid as specified by your car manufacturer.

Follow your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

All German luxury vehicles contain on board sensors that let you know whenever conditional or mileage services are needed. Do not ignore them. It is the best way you can do to keep your car in good condition.

Use the type of fuel recommended by your manufacturer.

There are many types and brands of fuel, and they are not equal. While all of them could have come from the same refinery, they can be different when factors such as handling, transportation, storage and additives come into the picture. When choosing fuel for your luxury car, follow the octane rating specified by your manufacturer. Avoid discount fuels because they are obviously lesser in quality and can possibly affect the performance of your vehicle.

Visit your dealer once a year to ensure the integrity of your car’s computer software.

As we all know, all modern cars are equipped with computers that regulate certain functions like fuel injection and engine temperature monitoring. When these computers fail, your car won’t run normally. Keep this from happening to your German luxury vehicle by having your car’s software checked once a year by your authorized dealer.

Make sure that your automotive specialist has the training and experience specific to your car.

Automotive technicians can share common knowledge of the general principles of how car components work, but like our Englewood Co auto repair specialists, one who has training and experience regarding your specific brand can really make a difference in results.

Your German luxury car is an investment that carries great value. Treat it well by having it maintained by a technician with the right skills and experience, like the auto repair Englewood, CO technicians preferred by owners of German luxury cars.

If you need a reliable auto repair and maintenance service in Colorado, you should try Specialized Preferred Auto. We are a team of German cars experts, and we offer an array of services to make your BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, or Volkswagen achieve peak performance and give you a superior driving experience.

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Important Maintenance Factors that can Help to Keep Your German Car in Top Shape

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German cars own a large chunk of the American auto market pie. This is proven true by the July 3, 2018 Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Fact Sheet which states that at $29 billion, vehicles are Germany’s biggest exports to the United States. Isn’t that proof that we love German cars?

If you own a German car such as a BMW, Porsche, Audi or BMW, you’re certain to be proud of it because German vehicles are known for their quality and style. But even if these cars are expected to provide a smooth and comfortable ride, you must maintain them on a regular basis to keep them running at peak performance.

Proper maintenance is essential not only for German automobiles but on all vehicles regardless of brand and origin. This will help to give you the peace of mind that your car will continue to provide a smooth, comfortable and hassle-free ride throughout its lifetime. It’s a guarantee that Specialized Preferred Auto Denver can confidently give when we perform maintenance on your vehicle.

Here are several factors that can help to maximize the life of your vehicle:

Absence of Unusual Sounds

Unusual sounds your car produces can indicate a problem. Drive your car at low speed and turn down the radio to be able to listen attentively to the sounds your car’s engine and its other body parts produce. Roll down your car’s windows to listen for problems like squeaking and squealing sounds. You also need to watch out for abnormal noise when shifting gears. These can mean that your car may have a slight defect or misalignment which needs inspection and correction. If you hear an unfamiliar noise from your German car, you should have it checked at Specialized Preferred Auto Repair before it grows into a larger problem.

Proper Tire Maintenance

Tires are the only parts of your car that create contact with the road. It can have an influence on the level of comfort and riding experience you get from your vehicle. Tires are designed to endure different degrees of wear and tear from different surfaces. As such, snow and heat can have different effects on your tires. Check them regularly to ensure that their pressure conforms to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This can help to give a safe, comfortable ride and optimize your car’s miles per gallon performance.

Have your tires rotated from time to time. This can help to prevent accelerated wear which can cause an unpleasant effect on your road experience as well as on your wallet.

Regular Oil Changes

Oil keeps the inside of your vehicle’s engine lubricated. This lubrication minimizes friction and damage to moving parts. But due to constant use, oil can lose its ability to lubricate. This can cause overheating and possible engine breakdown. This is the very reason why you need to replace your engine oil according to the manufacturer’s recommended type and frequency.

You may also bring your car to Specialized Preferred Auto Repair to have your oil and oil filter changed. We specialize in German automobiles and we know what’s best for your car.

Proper Battery Maintenance

Technology has done a lot to make the modern car battery more powerful and easier to maintain, but if you ignore them for long periods, they’re still bound to fail. One way to maintain your battery’s condition is to keep it clean to prevent the buildup of corrosion or acid on the battery’s contact points. You also need to make sure that it is charged properly to keep your car free from electrical system failure. Use a multimeter to measure its voltage. A fully charged battery should be at least 12.6 volts when the engine is not running.

Above-Minimum Coolant Levels

Your car’s engine needs a coolant to keep its temperature low when it is running. A car that is low on coolant can overheat and cause major damage to its engine. There are many types of coolants and you must make sure which type is right for your German car.

If you are driving a BMW or Mercedes-Benz, you should know that these cars are equipped with turbochargers that have special coolers in them. These systems run on fluids that are different from the fluids used on the other areas of the engine. You should not get these fluids mixed up or your car will be in serious trouble.

When checking the needs of your German vehicle, it’s always good to seek the assistance of competent German car specialists such as the Specialized Preferred Auto Denver mechanics. This is the best thing you can do to avoid costly mistakes.

You may contact us at 720-425-8383 for an expedited appointment.